Uncaged Ergonomics Ergonomic Under Desk Keyboard Tray with Mouse Pad

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3.8/5 on 14 June 2021

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An inexpensive and ergonomic under-desk keyboard stand. The KT1 adjustable keyboard tray has been designed to maximize your typing comfort. Swivel, slide, tilt and lift your keyboard to find the best position for you. The connected mouse panel may be mounted to the right or left side of the keyboard and contains a foam mouse pad. Order now – your wrist will be grateful! Uncaged Ergonomics’ KT1 is a realistic option for consumers who do not want to pay an arm and a leg for arm-and-wrist ergonomics. It’s solid and dependable. The KT1 is ergonomically designed to improve your typing posture. The KT1 has a single lever that changes keyboard height (from 4.5ù down to desk height) and tilt at the same time. KT1 swivels to the left and right and slips entirely underneath your desk. This low-cost metal keyboard tray (rather than plastic) is built to last.

However, this keyboard tray falls short on a few essential points, especially if you’ll be sitting more than standing. Read on to know all of the pros and cons of the ergonomic under desk keyboard tray with mouse pad. The KT1 from Uncaged Ergonomics, which is popular on Amazon and has a price tag that is sure to turn heads, is an attempt to undercut luxury manufacturers like Humanscale with a lower cost movable keyboard tray that yet offers all of the crucial ergonomic characteristics. We were interested in evaluating this product to discover what, if any, concessions were made to attain cheaper pricing.

Pros Of The Desk Keyboard Tray Mouse Pad

Under-Desk Keyboard Tray That Is Fully Adjustable

The good news is that if you’re not a “heavy pounder” when it comes to typing, the main functionality of this tray is rather robust. The keyboard platform can be tilted up to -15°, it doesn’t seem particularly unsteady when typing (though pushing down on the mouse pad causes a lot of tension on the keyboard arm and bending of the entire keyboard platform), and it extends 4” below your tabletop. Not bad, but not spectacular. Unlike most keyboards, this ergonomic keyboard is beneficial to your health. It can elevate, tilt, and swivel the keyboards to the ideal position that is perfect for you. Wrist health is promoted by having the keyboard rest in a neutral or negative wrist angle type. You can adjust the keyboard to the angles that fit your wrist shape best, making working an overall healthier and more comfortable experience.

It Is Inexpensive

This ergonomic Desk Keyboard Tray Mouse Pad has everything you need, just at a lower price. You would not have to pay for an overpriced product that you wouldn’t even use for that long. Luckily the ergonomic Desk Keyboard Tray Mouse Pad is a very reliable product that is also really affordable. It works just as well as the top brands out there, just at a much lower price! In comparison to less stable rivals, the KT1 has all of the specifications you need for ergonomic typing—15° of negative tilt, 4” below your desk, and a robust tray with little shaking as you write. It’s a better option than most for folks who want to use it mostly while standing. 


Cons Of The Desk Keyboard Tray Mouse Pad

We discovered some bad Amazon reviews that corresponded exactly with our perspective. Complaints range from cheap screws to a knee-buckling mouse platform (more on that later) and even strange post-purchase letters from the maker. The KT1 delivers on its promises but falls short in a few unexpected ways. The KT1 is better than nothing for customers who lack both an ergonomic keyboard tray at their standing workstations and the cash to purchase a quality one. It provides the correct tilt for appropriate ergonomic typing, reducing strain on your wrists, especially while standing. That may be sufficient for people on a tight budget. 

The Mouse Platform Lacks A Stopper

The mouse platform lacks a fence or wire catcher to keep your mouse from leaping off of its mouse pad, is not swivel-adjustable, and works as a lever on the thin keyboard arm, causing it to bend significantly with any downward pressure. This means that if you were to press down on your mouse pad that your mouse would slide right off! It’s also quite inconvenient to have to reach for your mouse; a swivel platform that places the mouse closer to your body would lessen the strain on your arm, which is the whole point of an ergonomic keyboard tray. A competent ergonomist would advise you to avoid this tray based only on this flaw. If you use this tray while seated, it will continually knock against your kneecap. 


You’ll most likely wind up moving over to avoid this, which means you’ll have to reach even further for your mouse. This isn’t an issue when you’re standing, which you should be doing for the majority of your workday, but it doesn’t excuse this tray from being so inadequate while you’re sitting. It’s not useless because you can switch over, but that’s certainly aggravating, and it’s the major reason why some unhappy people have returned the device and given it a terrible rating. This tray is intended for the aerodynamics of standing rather than sitting.

Difficult To Set Up

The installation procedure can be quite complicated. It takes a lot of effort to operate the lever that opens the tray, which can be quite frustrating. And worse, there’s even a huge component under the tray that might collide with your knee, possibly causing you to get injured. Another source of annoyance is the unlocking lever, which lets you modify the tray’s tilt angle. It takes a lot of force, but you should be able to get used to it. When the lever is released, the tray loses all stiffness and collapses down—take care to keep your mouse and keyboard from falling to the floor.


It’s similar to changing the quick-release on a bicycle wheel… To acquire a solid, tight lock on the keyboard angle, you must also tighten the nut on the other side of the axle from the adjustment lever.

Final Verdict

The KT1 is an industrial-grade, adjustable keyboard tray with ergonomic features and simple adjustments for maximum typing experience. With the ergonomic KT1 Under-Desk Computer Keyboard Tray, you can declutter your desk, type more comfortably, and enhance your posture. The KT1 is not without flaws, but it is worth giving it a try. It is entirely up to you. If you do, you can save money while also relieving tension on your wrists. We’re also slightly concerned about the warranty: 90 days is a blink of an eye in the world of office ergonomics, and we’d advise you to look for goods with longer warranties and higher-quality designs and materials. However, a budget is a budget, and the KT1 provides the negative tilt and somewhat steady typing that standing desk users require at an affordable price.