Rockstick Ergonomic Mouse

Editor rating

4.1/5 on 3 October 2021

User's rating

4 reviews


  • Click-free design could be a lifesaver if click action specifically is what triggers your hand or wrist problem.
  • Wired and wireless versions available in multiple sizes.


  • Difficult to use for precise work; optional hand rest kills precision, and without it the mouse can run over your little finger.
  • Scroll wheel is meant to be operated with the thumb, which can produce major thumb problems later.


If you need to get rid of clicking action in order to get rid of pain, try the Rockstick. Keep in mind, however, that you will likely not get as much precision as you'd need for detailed tasks such as Photoshop work. And seriously, stay away from the scroll wheel. Get a second device to scroll with using the other hand if you have to.


See our full review here. Here is a short video review.