PWR+ Portable Laptop Table Stand With Mouse Pad: Pros & Cons

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Freedom: That’s one of the things users love most about their laptop. You can work on it from anywhere, and your productivity will still be at its peak. However, there’s one area where laptops don’t perform so well, and that is ergonomics. I know it’s too early to introduce you to the PWR portable laptop table stand with mouse pad, but let’s just get this out of the way first.

This is a laptop stand you can raise or lower to achieve a better and healthier ergonomic posture. Laptops, unlike desktop computers, don’t have a separate keyboard and monitor that you can adjust or move around until you find the perfect angle and height. That’s where this laptop stand comes in!

Without it, you are looking at potentially serious health problems, from neck, back, and muscle pains to sore wrists, arms, hands, and shoulders. Your eyes won’t be spared either! It can only get worse. Let’s not even get into the possibility of losing your precious carrier. I’m sure you don’t want any of that.

The PWR portable laptop table stand can save you from all these. Here’s a chance to learn how it does that and what makes it special.

Pros Of The PWR Portable Laptop Table Stand With Mouse Pad

Improves Your Workstation Ergonomics

One particularly great thing about this laptop table stand is that it will release your neck and shoulder tension for good if you maximize its use. Think about it: This is a laptop table stand that can adapt to almost any configuration when it comes to typing angles.

PWR portable laptop table stand with mouse pad


I know you may have doubts about its collapsible mechanism, so here’s the proof. You have adjustable joints that use an auto-locking mechanism and can rotate 360 degrees, meaning there’s no limit to how you would like to set up this laptop table stand.

Rotate and adjust it until you find that perfect angle and height, then lock it. It’s that simple! The height adjustability range from the base is 19 inches.


The ultimate laptop stand should be as portable and lightweight as the laptop itself. At only 3.9 pounds, the PWR portable laptop stand is light enough for you to carry around as you move from one place to another.

In fact, you can collapse and fold it to fit into your laptop bag, which makes it even more convenient, especially for computer users who move around a lot as they work.


This has got to be the area where the PWR portable laptop stand outdoes itself. It’s not only a great laptop table stand, it can also serve as a writing desk, breakfast tray, gaming table, tablet holder, book tray, standing desk, notebook stand, keyboard riser, and more! The list goes on and on. It all depends on how creative you want to get with it.

Think about all the savings you could make when it dawns on you that your laptop table stand can perfectly carry out the roles you would have needed other gadgets to do.

There’s an extended tray to hold your mouse too. It may not serve you well while seated, but if you are going to use this device as a standing desk too, then you are going to find the holder so useful and perfect.

Cooling Pad

Maybe your laptop isn’t the kind that heats up a lot, which is nice. Count yourself lucky. But still, it’s reassuring to know that you have a laptop stand that can complement your laptop fan in case the temperature shoots to unusual levels.

These fans aren’t as conspicuous as you would imagine. Even better, they are silent and use an active cooling method that quietly and evenly distributes air under your laptop’s base. To power it, simply plug the cable into your laptop’s USB port.

I know you are wondering about the energy the fans use. Well, it’s so little that it won’t have any significant effect on your laptop’s battery life.

No Assembly Required

Isn’t that nice? Think about a laptop table stand that takes time to disassemble and set up. It would be so inconvenient, especially if you move around a lot or don’t use your laptop constantly. Well, that should be none of your concern when you have this essential ergonomic kit. It comes ready to roll.


When it comes to laptop sizes, the PWR portable laptop table stand with mouse pad doesn’t discriminate. Any device between 10.1″ and 17″ would fit nicely on it. The situation isn’t any different when it comes to laptop makes and models. Be it a MacBook, Ultrabook, Chromebook, or Netbook, the stand accommodates them all.

PWR+ Portable Laptop Table Stand With Mouse Pad: Pros & Cons


Cons Of The PWR+ Portable Laptop Table Stand With Mouse Pad

No Fixed Presets

The freedom to choose an angle and height you are comfortable with sounds great, but there’s a catch. You will have to do a lot of guesswork so as to figure out that sweet spot every time you use this laptop table stand (assuming you have to fold it after work).

Of course, this might become easier for you with time. But the situation would have been a little better if the device came with preset height adjustment levels, like some markings or something similar that wouldn’t interfere with the device’s superior adjustability.

That said, height adjustability is still an excellent feature as it gives the device its cherished versatility.

Skiddy Legs

It would have been better if the legs had anti-skid pads to help firmly hold the laptop table stand in place on different surfaces. However, this should not be a major concern if you work from a safe flat surface. Where you feel the safety of your laptop isn’t guaranteed, you can glue a rubber material to the base of the leg to minimize skidding.


Overall, the PWR+ riser impresses on many fronts and has all the impressive things you would want to see in an ergonomic laptop table stand. Its superior height adjustability feature ensures that people of all heights can comfortably use the stand. In fact, it takes the credit for the versatility this laptop table stand boasts of.

Now, assuming you won’t be folding and unfolding this device often, then it’s going to serve you even better. You won’t have to worry about the last angle and height you used. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad option for those who intend to carry it around and use it for other purposes. It may take a while, but with time, it will get easier to find that perfect ergonomic laptop setup for working or carrying out other roles.

In short, the PWR+ portable laptop table stand with mouse pad impresses more than it disappoints. That’s what makes it a great buy.