Mogo Stand-up Leaning Seat

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3.9/5 on June 10, 2017

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148 reviews


  • Portable
  • Opens/closes in 30 seconds


  • Need footrests if using on hard surfaces


If you need an ultra portable, easy to open and close, standing chair, this is an excellent model. This chair allows you to partially sit and partially stand offering the benefits of standing with a bit less strain than straight standing.

In the past few years, there’s been a lot of ballyhoo about the benefits of working while standing – or even while walking on the treadmill, depending on your level of determination (and coordination). There is much to be said for this strategy. Studies show that sitting down all the time is pretty unhealthy in itself, and that standing can help you feel more alert and work more efficiently.

The fly in the buttermilk? Standing kinda hurts. Specifically, it’s extremely tiring for many people and pretty much impossible for others. I belong to the latter group, suffering as I do with a common foot disorder called plantar fasciitis. (I also suffer with the even-more-common disorder of chronic laziness, but plantar fasciitis seems like a better excuse.)

Confronted with the fact that people who try standing sometimes get tired and give up – and that most people can’t afford an up/down adjustable desk – furniture manufacturers came up with something called the “standing chair.” That’s pretty much what it sounds like – a seat arranged up high so you can partly sit and partly stand. Thus, you get some of the comfort of sitting and some of the benefits of standing, while avoiding most of the problems with each.

Now that standing chairs have arrived, there are already many different designs to choose from. Most have one thing in common: a high price tag. Focal Upright is a maker of such chairs, and they do indeed have several models that cost quite a lot. However, they also have one that is surprisingly inexpensive. The Mogo standing chair costs just $99 as of this writing, with the principal difference between it and the more expensive models being that the Mogo has no fixed base.

What’s the benefit of a standing chair without a fixed base? Apart from cost, the main benefit is mobility – hence the name. Where most standing chair models are pretty much anchored to your desk area, you can carry the Mogo with you, for example, to meetings. Then, while everybody else is either aching and sore from standing or else falling asleep from sitting, you can totally dominate the agenda with your Mogo power. (Okay, I exaggerate, but you get the idea.)

Read our full review here. Here is a short video.