An In-Depth Review Of The Mogo Stand Leaning Seat

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Your health is at risk if you sit down all day at your desk or behind your computer. This is not a threat; it’s what studies have shown. Standing, on the other hand, has been found to have healthier benefits than sitting, but you don’t have to choose between the two positions when you can have the best of both worlds! That’s what the Mogo standing leaning stool has achieved.

Let me explain. Focal Upright, the maker of this standing chair, designed it to give you some of the benefits that come with standing and also those that come with sitting. What inspired its creation is the fact that standing sometimes hurts. You might get tired quickly and give up on what you are doing if that’s the only position at your disposal. The same goes with sitting for long.

An adjustable desk could help to solve that, but as you are probably aware, this is an expensive alternative that is unaffordable to many. The Mogo stand-up leaning seat is cheap, yet capable and equal to the task.

There’s so much about this hybrid seat you do not want to miss out on; let’s look at its benefits and drawbacks.

Pros Of The Mogo Standing Leaning Seat


This Mogo standing chair has no fixed base. That may sound like a drawback, which it can be, but there’s another interesting side to this.

mogo stand leaning seat


First of all, it’s cheap; a fixed base raises the cost of a standing chair. The bigger benefit, though, is mobility. Not having a fixed base means you can store or carry this chair anywhere; it’s not anchored to your working station.

As everyone else will be bored and fatigued from standing or drowsy and battling lower back pain due to sitting, you will be having fun and memorable moments.

Ergonomically Designed Seat

Mogo’s saddle seat mimics that of a bicycle. Its flexibility comes from fiberglass-reinforced nylon. You will also notice that the central part is slightly raised while the extended parts on either side give your upper legs a comfortable resting position. As a result, it’s able to support active sitting without hurting your thighs

Height Adjustable

Easy height adjustment is why most people buy a standing desk. It’s unpleasant to be stuck at a particular height or to struggle to use a desk because it doesn’t accommodate your height, but as mentioned earlier, adjustable desks don’t come cheap.

The Mogo seat is way cheaper, yet it comes with an adjustable height to help you fix those comfort issues. It caters to users between 4’11” and 6′ 8″ tall, and the multiple notches make height adjustment easy.

Range Of Motion (ROM)

An ordinary seat caps how far you can stretch or move your muscles, joints, and other parts of your body. Put differently, your range of motion isn’t dynamic on such a chair, so you are less likely to be at your best, which interferes with your productivity.

On this pivoting chair, the situation is different. You can stay active all day because of the ROM it offers you. Even better, you can use your core muscles to sustain a comfortable posture, which is good for your physical health and productivity.

Avoid Serious Health Complications

Your body processes take a hit when you sit down for a long period of time. Top on the list is that your metabolism slows down, which opens the path for so many serious health complications, from diabetes and obesity to cancer and heart disease.

What you probably didn’t know is that staying on your feet as you work effectively reduces the risk of developing such complications. You burn more calories standing than sitting, but this does not mean that you should stand all the time.

The Mogo Chair lets you sit and stand partially as you work, attend meetings, or carry out other tasks, thus saving you from the complications that come with being stuck in one position for long.

Versatile Rubber Foot

Most standing chairs only have a single rubber foot that’s supposed to support you, no matter the type of ground you use the seat on, but the Mogo chair goes the extra mile. It has a reversible foot to help it accommodate different surfaces.

One side consists of soft rubber, perfect for non-slip surfaces such as indoor flooring. The other side is made of reinforced fiberglass, which is perfect for outdoor surfaces such as dirt and grass.

An In-Depth Review Of The Mogo Stand Leaning Seat



Requires A Bit Of Skill To Use

This seat will only serve you well if it’s angled properly. Think of it as a tripod, with your legs serving as the other two stands needed to form a stable base.

When it’s not positioned well, you may end up putting too much pressure on your spine while this seat is supposed to do the opposite. Also, be careful not to place it in a position where it is likely to fall and cause injuries.


Nothing else has as huge an impact on your posture as the seat you use at work or in your home office. This is where you most probably spend a large part of the day. It would therefore be unfortunate and careless of you to not do something about this, particularly if working at your desk makes you uncomfortable. This can really compromise your health in the long run.

The Mogo stand leaning seat may just be the solution you need to fix that. You can partially stand or sit on it; it’s really up to you. Adding to that the fact that you can carry it anywhere makes the chair an even more convenient option.

At its lower price, this is no doubt the best investment you can make in maximizing the ergonomics of your workstation and taking good care of your physical health.