Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

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It’s not easy to choose a product that provides comfort and boost productivity at the same time. Microsoft surface ergonomic keyboard has a unique design and offers many health benefits. This wireless keyboard offers many stunning features. Ergonomic shapes are always comfortable for hands. Moreover, they can relieve wrist pain, as well. So let’s start our comprehensive review of the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Wireless frequency of 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz
  • Wireless connectivity range is 32 feet
  • It has low energy compatible interface

Pros of Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Before buying any product, it’s essential to know its pros and cons. After reading these advantages and disadvantages, you will be able to decide whether this product is right for you or not?

Compatible with Different Systems

This keyboard is compatible with Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Studio.

Boosts Comfort

Many people suffer from wrist pain by using traditional keyboards. It has unique palm rest, unique split bar, naturally arched shape, and keytop geometry to protect your hand from wrist pain.

Improves Productivity

Its unique and elegant design doesn’t only boost the comfort; it also increases productivity and typing form.

Wireless Connection

It offers Bluetooth connectivity that makes it easy to use. On the other hand, wired ones create lots of mess.

Quiet Typing Experience

It’s made of high-quality material. Stiffness, texture, and key sound provide a quiet and stable typing experience. Moreover, optimized return force and feedback prevent accidental presses. It results in consistent and smooth typing action. It is an ideal ergonomic keyboard for people who love to work at night and want a quiet typing experience.

Low Energy Device

It’s a Bluetooth low energy device, and you don’t need a wireless receiver. This feature makes it distinct from other traditional keyboards.

Perfect for Mac and PC

Some ergonomic keyboards are specifically designed for PC and some for Mac, but Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is a perfect choice for Mac and PC users. You can get the desired results on Mac by using these keys: Volume up/down, display brightness increase/decrease, media fast forward, media rewind, mute, and media play.

Meanwhile, some function keys don’t work well on Mac, such as the Calculator icon, Computer lock icon, and Setting icon. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s not suitable for Mac. For mouse that is suitable for Mac, you can try On the other hand, you’ll enjoy an even better experience when you use this keyboard on a Windows PC.

Perfect Keyboard for Programmers

It’s the best ergonomic keyboard of Microsoft. It has many thoughtful features, and programmers will love them.

Suitable for Different Body Sizes and Heights

It offers a good height that makes it ideal for tall persons. Wrist support makes it suitable for different body shapes and sizes.

Good Keyboard for Travel

When it’s compared to the others, it is thin and sturdy. Moreover, its frame looks like metal, but it’s actually not. iT doesn’t feel shallow as the keyboards at the office look like. Furthermore, they are not as long as the wired keyboards.


Based on the outstanding features it offers, it isn’t an expensive one. The prices are affordable and  in fact, it is worth buying.

Easy to Set Up

It is different from other keyboards and doesn’t require particular divers and software. It is easy to set up and use.

AAA Batteries

For Bluetooth variations, you need good batteries. It comes with two Duracell AAA batteries. These long-lasting batteries make it ideal for travel.

All-in-one Product

This ergonomic keyboard is incredibly gorgeous, silent, and offers a perfect feel. It’s easy on the arms and reduces wrist pain. Moreover, you can use it all day without a finger and wrist strain.

Cons of Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Some critical issues with this ergonomic keyboard are given-below:

Lack of Control

This surface keyboard offers a lack of control because Alt and Windows keys are narrow than other models.

Difficult to Pair with Mac

Some users might find it difficult to pair with Mac, but it works flawlessly once it is successfully paired.

Squeaking Voice

It will work fine for one or two years, and after that, it will start to produce squeaking noise that can be irritating when working at night.

Final Verdict

It’s a worth buying product based on the features and design. Moreover, it has more benefits than cons, so it is an excellent product to buy. It’s travel-friendly, supports both Mac and PC, and a good product in this price. It’s our recommended product because you can use it for an extended period of time without the fear of wrist pain.

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