Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Unboxing (Bluetooth)

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Here’s our ergonomic video review of the day. Check out “Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Unboxing.” Unboxing videos are really good to get a sense of the size of the keyboard, what comes in the box, and how to set it up.

I have a couple of Microsoft Surface laptops. They are great Windows devices…not my daily driver laptop but one of the better Windows laptops I have used. I tested this keyboard at the local Microsoft store. I was impressed with the materials. Microsoft describes the felt like material as

The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard’s double-cushioned palm rest uses a special, ultra-durable version of Alcantara – a unique, proprietary material, sourced only in Italy, with aesthetic, sensory, and technical qualities unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

However, although this material feels and looks great, from what I have read online it can get dirty really quickly…just like the Kinesis wrist pads do! You’ll need to find a way to clean these wrist pads if you end up buying this keyboard.

See video comments at YouTube.

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