Matias Mini Quiet Pro Keyboard for PC

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3/5 on 10 November 2021

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32 reviews


Given the issue with Home and End discussed above, you may be wondering why I chose to review the Mini Quiet Pro over its full-size brother – or why you should choose it for your work. The answer has to do with the keyboard’s small footprint, which in some situations can be very relevant to ergonomics. Smaller keyboard = more room to move mouse + less distance to reach for mouse.

With the Mini Quiet Pro, this is a simple case of a tradeoff. Choose the small footprint and lose some convenience – especially if you use Home and End much – or upgrade to the full-size model and find a way to deal with its width. My personal recommendation? Go full-size and get a Contour RollerMouse Red, which uses the space in front of the keyboard rather than to the right.

But if you’re crazy for desk space – or just want a keyboard you can fit in your laptop bag – the Mini Quiet Pro is a well-made, compact ergonomic mechanical keyboard at a very reasonable cost. And it’s an amazing preview of the quality we can expect in the Ergo Pro. Keep it coming, Matias!

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