Kinesis Savant Elite2 Programmable Triple Foot Pedal

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5/5 on 14 June 2021

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Foot pedals are effective instruments for increasing efficiency, eliminating difficult keystrokes, and reducing repeated motions. Whatever your needs are, Kinesis has a foot pedal for you. Kinesis USB foot pedals can be utilized for data entry or hands-free computer operation in a range of healthcare applications. Connect the foot pedal to any computer, tablet, or machine equipped with a full-size USB connector. Pedals are useful for pathology, radiology, ultrasound, dictation, workflow management, and a variety of other applications. You may configure the pedal to produce any keyboard shortcut or text macro. Our pedals are ETL certified for near-patient use and may be specifically waterproofed (IPX-8 grade) for clinical applications.


The Kinesis Triple Pedal Accessory is the most effective method to use the unique foot input possibilities included with all Kinesis Contoured keyboards. “Keypad Shift,” “Keypad Enter,” and “Shift” are the default actions. As long as the pedal is held down, the “Keypad Shift” action activates the integrated keypad layer. Developed especially for use with Kinesis’s famous ergonomic keyboard range Because these ergonomic foot pedals do not use a USB connection, they cannot be directly connected to your PC. These pedals are meant to be connected directly to your ergonomic keyboard using a regular RJ11 style connector. The foot pedal is configured as an extension of the keyboard and can do single key operations, macros, and access the integrated keypad layer. There are single and triple pedal variants available.


Siemens Healthcare uses Kinesis Savant Elite2 foot pedals in their Acuson range of ultrasound devices for hands-free picture capturing, making technicians more comfortable and productive. As the Kinesis Savant Elite2 Triple Pedal, a pair of foot pedals that connect to your computer via USB to control mouse motions was evaluated, the realization that switching from finger clicks to foot taps would be difficult to grasp what happened. But it was the exact reverse. This software has a significantly lower learning curve than I anticipated. Within a day, I was remembering to click with my feet the majority of the time! I also enjoy that this product does not replace or disable other features. You may still use your mouse buttons as usual; this only provides another alternative, which lowers irritation while you’re learning.


Pros Of The Kinesis Savant Elite2 Programmable Triple Foot Pedal

Reduces Finger Strain During Mouse-Clicking 

It is not necessary to lift the hand to switch between the mouse and the keyboard. It is possible to type while moving the pointer around. Constant mouse-clicking, particularly with a non-ergonomic mouse, can cause finger tiredness and joint discomfort. A footswitch is a perfect option for individuals who suffer from finger overuse, as well as those who simply cannot click with their fingers, because it transfers mouse-clicking operations from the fingers to the foot. These issues nearly seldom occur with the feet.

The Weight Of The Feet And Legs Is Always Entirely Supported By The Pedals 

The standard left and right mouse click motions, as well as a double click on the center pedal, are provided by factory programming. It is never necessary to lift a foot to move it. The new autonomous programming allows you to quickly and easily reprogram the pedal to execute keyboard movements and productivity-boosting macros.  


There is practically minimal practice time required because the foot action is natural. Only exact movements require weeks of practice. After that, the mouse speed in the mouse driver may be increased to make it more convenient.


Activate Mouse Clicks

All Advantage Foot Switch Accessories may be used to initiate the left or right mouse click through MouseKeys (on PC systems). For many people, the discomfort associated with mousing stems from the act of clicking rather than from moving the mouse. This add-on overcomes the problem by moving the clicking motion to the user’s feet. Double-clicking cannot be programmed. The footswitch cannot be used to program a drag lock toggle. 

Reduces Strain On Fingers While Typing

Fingers and hands can be stressed and strained by repeatedly reaching across the keyboard to complete combination keystrokes or repetitive keying, or simply to tap a single inconvenient key to flip between various apps, and so on. The fingers and hands can be relieved by configuring the ergonomic foot pedal to do these functions with a single stroke of the pedal. It also contributes to increased productivity!

Cons Of The Kinesis Savant Elite2 Programmable Triple Foot Pedal

Legs Might Get Tired 

Because you can’t control the cursor at that point, and you need to reposition your feet on the foot pedal mouse. It also tightens the muscles in the legs which lowers blood flow and may raise the risk of thrombus formation. If your blood isn’t flowing properly through your body, your legs may feel sluggish or exhausted. Because it is more difficult for blood to move uphill into your heart, poor circulation frequently affects the lower half of your body. Blood might build up in your legs, ankles, and feet at times.

There Are No Input Ports On The Foot Pedal

There are no input ports on the Kinesis Contoured Keyboard Triple Action Foot Pedal attachment. This implies that the Kinesis Contoured Keyboard Triple Action Foot Pedal attachment cannot be used with a hand switch or an extra pedal. Input-Output Interface (I/O) is a means for moving information between internal storage devices, such as memory, and external peripheral devices.

Slower In Comparison To Other Mouses

It is slower than an ordinary mouse, and it is less accurate due to most people having less control over their feet in comparison to their hands. Most individuals have less control over precise motions with their feet and legs than with their hands. Using a foot mouse is slower than using a standard mouse (a hand mouse).


Final Verdict

The increased reliance on computers and the Internet has resulted in an epidemic of injury among workers who conduct daily heavy computer work. By adding a foot-controlled input and minimizing repeated hand/eye movement between the “hand” mouse and keyboard, the foot pedal lowers discomfort and increases efficiency. The foot pedal only lends a helping hand! You’ll adore it after you try it. Allow your powerful feet to assist your fragile hands. Alternatively, give your hands a rest and put your joyful feet to work! Using a computer and the Internet has become an essential part of our everyday life, and physically challenged persons should not be excluded. Perform any keyboard or mouse operation. You may program it yourself or have it done by the manufacturers. 


If I had one request for this device, it would be the option to scroll using a foot pedal, with the speed of the pointer changed depending on pedal pressure. There may have been decent solutions to come closer to this, but the product documentation didn’t make them plain enough to test. I would recommend this tool as a way to free up your hands.