Kinesis Freestyle2 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac

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4.7/5 on 3 November 2020

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It’s not easy to find the best ergonomic keyboard because there are plenty of options available in the market. Kinesis introduced ergonomic keyboards in 1992. This unique product is designed in the USA. This keyboard is made by humans to enhance comfort and increase productivity. It’s the dream product for Mac users. You can use this classic product at home or in the office. Here we will discuss all the pros and cons of Kinesis Freestyle2 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac in detail.

Features of Kinesis Freestyle2 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac

It is a two-in-one device because it performs most actions of a mouse. It is designed for Mac users so it contains Standard Mac Shortcuts, Expos, Brightness, dashboard, Play audio, Dock, Eject, and Off/Sleep. For iOS users, the Mac layout is easy. Moreover, it has membrane key switches and a lithium battery that lasts for up to 6 months between charging. It has an activation force of 35 grams.


It has a sleek and stylish design and offers many health benefits. Let’s discuss the significant pros of an ergonomic keyboard.

Split Design

It is different from other products, and it has an award-winning split design. It allows separating and rotating the key modules up to 9-inches apart. This separation can help achieve natural forearm, wrist, and hand positions for your specific body type. These natural positions provide comfort.

Bluetooth Wireless Connection

It has a wireless Bluetooth technology that allows pairing with three Bluetooth-enabled devices, like the iPhone, iMac, and iPad. Moreover, you can switch between them anytime. Moreover, this unique device contains a rechargeable Lithium battery that can be used for six months between charges. It has a connectivity range of 30 foot. Furthermore, it doesn’t require cable management. It is easy to pair. Easy switching makes it a perfect on the go device.For other bluetooth enabled keyboards, click here.

No Special Drivers Required

It has a standard Mac layout with Mac-specific shortcuts, hotkeys, and multimedia keys to enhance your productivity. The specialty of this product is you don’t have to install any software or a particular driver.

Low-Force Key Switches

This keyboard is comfortable on the arms and fingers because it uses a custom membrane key switch that requires a low tactile feedback and activation force. As a result, it reduces fatigue, strain, and impact.

Boosts Comfort

Separate and rotate modules help maintain wrists in a straight position. Moreover, it offers a tent that reduces forearm pronation significantly. Furthermore, it has cushioned palm support and zero-degree slope to eliminate harmful wrist extension. Its compact design allows closer mouse placement and eliminates harmful over-reach. All of these factors boost comfort.

Perfect for Mobile Workers and Multitaskers

It is the ultimate ergonomic keyboard for mobile workers and Multitaskers because you can pair it with 3 Bluetooth-enabled devices. Moreover, you switch between them instantly for convenience and comfort.

Slim Design

Its slim design makes it 2-in-1 keyboard means it can be used for office and travel. It is equally useful for small and tall size people and offers flexibility catering to the unique needs of each individual. Its design supports narrow footprints to complete separation so that individuals can use according to their needs.

Full Box with All the Supplies

The box contains a standard Mac layout with 9-inch linking cable. For adjustable splay, it includes pivot tether. It has the quick start guide and 6ft USB charging cable. In other words, you don’t have to buy anything separately to use this device.


Some critical issues with this ergonomic keyboard are given below:

Might be Difficult to Position it Correctly

Due to its unique shape and design, you might not be able to set its position correctly. Moreover, if you’re a user of a standard keyboard, you might find that function keys are in the wrong place.

Long Adaption Time

If you haven’t used iOS keypad before, you might take time to adapt to it because its button arrangements and function keys are at different places.

Require Setup Every time

When you use it on different devices, you may have to do setup every time, and it might be irritating for some users.

Final Verdict

After looking at the features and design, it can be said that it is our top recommendation for Mac users. Moreover, mobile workers and Multitaskers can also use this because of Bluetooth connectivity and 30ft range.

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