Hippus Wireless Light Click HandShoe Mouse

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4.1/5 on 3 November 2020

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Some users love wireless mouse because it allows them to use the mouse without any worry. A wireless mouse will not need any wired connection and also work on the same space. Hippus Wireless Light Click HandShoe Mouse is the best if you are a lover of wireless ergonomic mouse.

The best part about this mouse is that it is developed by a medical university. Thus, it has all the features of best mouse. You can use this mouse for long hours without any issues as Hippus considered all the medical


  • Wireless mouse for ease of use
  • Comfortable to use for long hours
  • Available in different sizes as per your need
  • Best right hand mouse

Pros of Hippus Wireless Light Click HandShoe

There are many good things in this mouse that differs it from the others.

No Wire

The best feature about this model is that you don’t need to connect any wire. Your mouse will work without any connection. Even if you have a small space, the mouse will work the best. Most people worry about the space and don’t know where to store the wires. This ergonomic mouse works best for them as it doesn’t take any space.

Compact Mouse

The best feature about a will be how compact it is. It describes the space that this mouse is taking on your table. People love laptop slide mouse because it doesn’t take any space as it is on the board. An ideal mouse will be the one which doesn’t need more space.

The compact wireless mouse is one that will be ideal in this case. You just need space to place this mouse. There is no need to place any mouse pad or other stuff near your mouse.

Best Design

Another good feature of this ergonomic mouse is that it has the best position. Hippus took a lot of input before they finalized this design. The design has all that you need. It has support for your hand and fingers that makes it an ideal for long use. Your arm will remain in rest and won’t get any issues even after long use.

Best Grip

Grip matters a lot when you are working on tasks that need accuracy. The best grip is achieved with a mouse that has special parts to place your hands on. This wireless mouse from Hippus has two parts. Your four fingers will rest on one part while the thumb will rest on another part which is a slider and will allow you to move the pointer. Thus, you get an ideal grip when using this mouse.

Different sizes

Some brands will make mouse that are ideal for people with normal hands. If you have either a large hand or a smaller one, you can’t use their mouse perfectly. Hippus know the fact and realize that each person has different size needs.

Their mouse come in three basic sizes. One of them is for small hands people, another is for medium ones, while there is a mouse that works the best for people with large hands. Thus, they cover people of all types.

Easy to Connect

To keep things simple,  wireless mouse comes with USB connection. Thus, you can connect it easily with any device that supports USB 1.1 or 2.0. It will work the best on all versions of Windows, plus most versions of Mac. So, when you purchase an ergonomic mouse from Hippus, you won’t have to worry about connection.

Cons of Hippus Wireless Light Click HandShoe Mouse

There are some issues too that we will discuss here.

Only for Right Handers

The mouse that we are reviewing is only best for right handers. There is a separate version available that suits left handers.

Less Accurate

We know that wireless mouse are less accurate when we compare them with wired mouse. The reason is that any connection has some lag time that needs to be addressed. It uses USB connection which is very fast. However, still the mouse is not 100% fast. If you need faster connection, then you must look for the wired connection.

Final Verdict

Hippus comes with a wireless mouse for users who love to become independent when they are using their system. They need to place the mouse in small space; so, they don’t have to move their hand a lot.

Hippus Wireless Mouse will be ideal for these type of people. It is best, will support your hand and arm, and will take least space. If you love 100% accuracy, then you must opt for a wired version. If you look for a wired version of Hippus, have a look here.