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Today, it’s nearly hard to find someone who does not spend most of their day staring at a computer or television screen. Hours spent looking at blue light screens are also set to damage an increasing number of people at younger and younger ages. Office employees and die-hard gamers alike may now be doing so for extended periods. But how can you compare their approaches? The reality is that the lenses for both computer and gaming glasses perform the same purpose. However, there are minor design changes between them. Learn about the differences and how to choose the best one for your requirements. The first commonality is that both gamers and computer users require blue-light-blocking eyewear.


LED technology produces the greatest color and picture rendering but has the unpleasant problem of being extremely disruptive to your eyes and sleep patterns. Whether you’re looking at a television or a computer screen, this sort of light wave is so similar to those emitted by the sun that it fools your body into believing it’s daytime. The sun’s rays and the messages they provide to our bodies have an impact on numerous health functions and processes. What your eyes see in the surroundings has an impact on your mind and body. This blue light may wreak havoc on your eyes, mind, and body, causing everything from muscular pain to your body generating fewer of the essential hormones that help you sleep. 


Computer glasses are comparable to ergonomic gaming glasses. They function by using yellow or amber-tinted glasses to counteract the blue light’s color. Clear-lens gaming glasses are also available. Some blue light filtering lenses are almost transparent. They provide less protection than yellow or amber lenses but still provide some level of blue light shielding. Blue light glasses are recognized to be beneficial in general. Ergonomic gaming glasses can help prevent eye strain and other blue light-related side effects induced by excessive screen usage. This post is for you if you enjoy gaming! No one can match with GUNNAR’s proprietary lens technology, which delivers unrivaled UV and blue light protection. With migraines, dizziness, dry eye, eye strain, and tiredness affecting people who play games without protection, GUNNAR’s cutting-edge glasses keep you gaming with no side effects.


Pros Of Gunnar Optiks Advanced Video Gaming Glasses

Help Reduce Digital Eye Strain

These ergonomic gaming glasses minimize digital eye strain and glare, improve clarity, and give a lighter color (yellow tint). Because of the lighter color, gamers can see colors more clearly and vividly. For added security, they can also include magnification and an anti-reflective coating. Blue light filtering glasses allow players to keep up with fast-paced games while also improving definition. Gaming glasses are meant to eliminate hazardous blue light in the same way as sunglasses assist reduce dangerous UV radiation and decrease eye damage. This helps to avoid visual deterioration caused by staring at a computer or television screen for several hours a day. 


Computer vision syndrome, also known as digital eye strain, refers to a range of eye and vision disorders caused by extended computer, tablet, e-reader, and mobile phone use. When watching digital screens for lengthy periods, many people develop eye irritation and eyesight difficulties. Headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and eye strain can all be avoided. Ergonomic gaming glasses are specifically developed to lessen the amount of visual stress on our eyes.


They Filter Out Reflections

Another advantage of the Gunnar Optiks Advanced Ergonomic gaming glasses is that they eliminate reflections. All monitors exhibit reflections of items in their surroundings, such as a lamp, lighting, windows, and so on, which can be damaging to our eyes. The yellow-tinted lenses block away from these reflections, allowing you to concentrate on gameplay. While playing games for an extended period, your eyes will become dry, and these gaming glasses can assist decrease this strain. Gaming glasses, by minimizing the strain from bright lighting when gaming, can help lessen the number of headaches you have while gaming.

Improve Well-Being And Sleep Quality

Have you heard anything about the impact of blue light on circadian rhythms? That’s correct, HEV can interfere with our sleep habits. As a result, blue-light-blocking glasses can aid in improving our sleep quality, which has a direct impact on our focus when gaming! Ergonomic gaming glasses are specifically developed to lessen the amount of visual stress placed on our eyes.

Cons Of Gunnar Optiks Advanced Video Gaming Glasses

Takes Some Time Getting Used To

It takes some time to become acclimated to the Gunnar Optiks Advanced Ergonomic gaming glasses. Allow some time to get acclimated to your gaming glasses, whether for comfort or because you are struggling to game as well as you used to without them. This may be quite frustrating for competitive gamers who demand the best from every game they play. Adjusting to gaming glasses might take some time, so keep this in mind before purchasing your first set.

You Can Only Wear One Pair

If you intend to compete or participate in a tournament, don’t expect to be able to acquire a pair of gaming glasses and immediately play at a high level. It’s also worth noting that you can only have one set of glasses on at a time. As a result, if you are currently wearing prescription eyeglasses, you will be unable to wear a set of gaming glasses on top of your present prescription eyeglasses. You must select one. This should not be a problem if you use contacts, although many individuals who use contacts prefer to wear glasses when gaming. This might present issues if you want to use gaming glasses. If you fall into this group, you should consider purchasing a set of prescription gaming glasses, which can be rather costly.

Slightly Costly

Another evident disadvantage of these gaming glasses is their high cost. In our world, price is a barrier for everything, and you must correctly examine what is reasonable for you. Most gaming glasses are too pricey for some gamers, while they are reasonably priced for others. 

Final Verdict

When you are a very competitive gamer or streamer, ergonomic gaming glasses are unquestionably worthwhile. If you value your health and long-term eye vision, gaming glasses are an investment worth making — regardless of price. However, if you are a casual gamer who does not spend long periods staring at your display, gaming glasses may not be worth it for you. It is crucial to remember that no matter what sort of gamer you are, once you become acclimated to playing with gaming glasses, you will have a clear edge over other gamers owing to the improved color contrast. 

Many gamers spend a significant amount of money on equipment. Those who spend a significant amount of time working in front of a screen or gaming may consider investing in a set of gaming glasses to protect their eyes. While blue light filtering glasses may appear to be pricey, the advantages outweigh the cost.