Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Ergonomic USB Keyboard, PC and Mac Compatible

Editor rating

3.8/5 on June 3, 2017

User's rating

108 reviews


  • Ball joint provides limitless ways to tent and splay the keyboard, helping each user find their perfect operating position.
  • Nice light key action, with indentations on each key to make typing steadier and more comfortable.


  • There is no really good way to "remember" your chosen angle after folding up the keyboard.
  • Negative tilt feet are poorly implemented, having no anti-slip features and being unusable unless the keyboard is flattened out.
  • Doesn't play nicely with external numeric keypads that require "num lock" to be engaged at the operating system level.


The Goldtouch is a time-tested and highly-recommended ergonomic design. When it comes to limitless possibilities for positioning, this keyboard has no equal. If you prefer a design a few "preset" tent settings, or if you want total separation between the right and left modules, check out the Kinesis Freestyle.


See our full review. Here is a video review.

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