Goldtouch KOV-GSV-RMW Semi-Vertical Mouse Wireless (Right-Handed) Medium

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0/5 on July 17, 2017

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  • Semi-vertical grip (60 degrees) will be more comfortable for some users than full vertical, and carries less risk of "pinch force" issues.
  • Magnetically-attached hand rest makes this mouse more relaxing to use at low pointer speeds.
  • Built-in DPI button enables pointer speed adjustment on the fly.
  • Advanced driver allows customization of buttons and DPI presets.


  • Without its hand rest installed, the mouse can run slightly over the skin of your little finger from time to time.


A viable alternative to 90-degree vertical designs such as the well-known Evoluent. Best used with the hand rest, at low speed or for work not needing precision; users with large monitors or pixel-perfect duties may prefer another design.

See our full review of the Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse. Here is a short video overview.


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