German Ergonomic Keyboard and Desk from 1969

german ergonomic keyboard 1969
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The Surf Chair by Kenneth Lylover

The Surf Chair by Kenneth Lylover

Well before the PC revolution put computers into nearly every home, this futuristic desk with split keyboard was designed in Germany in 1969. We couldn’t find any more information about this design other than a Getty image. We find this design fascinating! Not only for the ergonomic split screen but also the twin monitors, which we have found to increase productivity by about 25%. From the picture it looks like the left display is also adjustable and can be slid to the best angle.

Over 22 years later, the first ergonomic keyboards started to hit the market. We are already seeing ergonomic designs pop up with integrated ergonomic chairs and desks. Maybe these integrated ergonomic workstations will start to become popular for home offices?

I’m definitely interested in testing one out!

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