Ergonomic Rockstick 2 Medium Mouse Wireless

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3.8/5 on 3 November 2020

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The definition of a good mouse differs from person to person. However, there is no doubt that it will be one that requires as less movements as possible. Thus, using the mouse will be easier. To make it very easy to use, Rockstick Inc comes with the best ergonomic mouse that is ideal in most cases.

Some people always look for a mouse that is click less. Being click less means that you don’t have to leave your hand when clicking. Ergonomic Rockstick 2 Medium Mouse Wireless will work the best. Let us explore its features.


Pros of Ergonomic Rockstick 2

There are a lot of benefits when you opt for Rockstick 2. Some of them are:

Easy to Switch

When you are buying a mouse, the first concern for you is for which hand will it work the best. Well, this mouse is one that will work for both hands. You don’t need to focus much as a single mouse will be enough for you and anyone in your family.

Even if you are a righty, you may need to switch to left-hand when the right hand is tired. There is a simple button on the bottom of the mouse. You just have to click this button and it will switch the right and left click on the mouse. Now, you can easily use the mouse for left hand.

Best Design

A normal mouse is one that needs the ideal position of your hand and arms when you are working. Any other position will not become that much effective. However, the design of this ergonomic mouse is ideal and won’t hurt your hand. It is a natural design and resembles like a person is shaking hand with someone else.

Easy to Click

Rockstick market their mouse as a click-free mouse. However, the mouse is not totally free from clicks. You will still need to click right or left when you are working on it. However, the main difference arises in the type of click.

A usual mouse requires you to click with any of your finger and the stress is applied on the finger only. It causes pain in the finger and won’t work in the long-term. However, Rockstick 2 mouse clicks with a shift in hand. Thus, the pressure shifts towards the whole hand and won’t stress much. Can be given as a gift to the students.

Precise Mouse

The mouse movements are very precise and are ideal for jobs that need very accurate mouse usage. Apart from jobs that need very much precision, this mouse works ideally for other jobs.

Easy to Use

The best feature of a mouse is the ease of use. A mouse will be best if it is very easy to use. Just plug the mouse receiver in your system and start using the mouse. There is no need to install any specific software. The mouse is ready to use anytime.

Fast Connection

Another ideal feature of this ergonomic mouse is that it comes with a fast connection. It uses 2.4 GHz USB connection that transmits the signals asap. Thus, you will love how accurate and fast the mouse works.

Cons of Ergonomic Rockstick 2

There are some issues also that you will face when working through this mouse.

Double Click

You will adjust to make a single click with ease. However, double click on this mouse is not very simple. Since you are holding the whole mouse, your whole hand will shake when you are clicking two times. This will also lose your accuracy and create problems in use.

Not for Very Precise Jobs

There are some jobs that require 100% precision. In these jobs, you need a mouse that comes without any lag. Rockstick 2 is an ergonomic mouse that works the best in most cases. However, if you need extra precision, then this mouse is not for you.

Last Words

The Rockstick 2 is an ideal mouse for most people. You don’t need to move your fingers for a click as simple hand movement will do the job. However, in the start, you might find it difficult to click through this mouse. If you are one who needs a mouse for day to day work, then Rockstick 2 will be the best wireless mouse for your job. Otherwise, you must find a wired mouse for you.

See our full review of the Rockstick 2 Mouse. Here is a short review video.