Docooler 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Pen Mouse

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When most people think of an ergonomic mouse, they don’t think of a pen. A pen-like mouse, such as a vertical or trackball mouse, might be useful, especially if you have thumb and wrist problems. In this review, we look at the DoCooler pen mouse, a mouse that you hold like a pen. It’s fairly comparable to a standard pen. These mouse pens are usually wireless, with a battery and a USB nano receiver that connects to your computer. An optical ergonomic mouse may be used on most surfaces and up to 30 feet distant by simply plugging it into the USB transmitter. This pen mouse gives you a different experience with cursor control, and many people find it more comfortable than a standard mouse.

If you’re like most people, you’ve never heard of an ergonomic pen mouse or have confused it with a tablet stylus. But this is a real item, and it at the very least offers an interesting alternative to the standard mouse. An ergonomic pen mouse, as the name implies, is just a mouse wrapped in the familiar pen form factor. Almost all wireless ergonomic pen mice are 2.4 GHz, relying on a battery and a USB nano receiver to connect to a computer. To emphasize the point, a pen mouse is just an optical mouse with a pen element. It does not interact with the screen directly, nor does it provide any pressure sensitivity or haptic feedback, unlike a tablet stylus. The DoCooler Pen Mouse, like other pen mice, is wireless and uses the 2.4GHz signal. 

Ergonomics is concerned with more than simply pain treatment; it is concerned with determining the best way to interact with our environment. If you begin to experience wrist or hand pain while using a traditional mouse, the ideal strategy is to switch to a device with an entirely different form factor and go from there. The goal is to avoid overusing a certain muscle in your hands and wrist for an extended period. 

Pros of The DoCooler Pen Mouse

More ergonomic than a computer mouse

Is a pen mouse more ergonomic than a computer mouse? The simple answer is yes, but only for a specific group of people. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re unhappy with your existing mouse in some manner. The windshield action of manipulating the mouse is most likely causing your wrist to ache. For those folks, an ergonomic pen mouse is worth a shot. It helps to relax muscles that are used to grip an actual pen, with less forearm pronation as your wrist adopts a more natural handshake posture. Like a genuine pen, a pen mouse allows you to handle it in a variety of ways.

Easy to Use with Stylus Feature

Designed with a highly accurate ergonomic touch head for easy platform switching, suitable for usage in restricted space or strange places where a conventional mouse is a bit hard to use, fits comfortably in the hand, button placement for left and right mouse clicks is in good placements for easy clicks. Moving the sharp and pointy gadget to any spot on the screen is as simple and precise as using an ergonomic mouse. When linked to a decent mouse pen and discovered that the red light is merely a flash of, likely, the USB receiver did not plugin or identify properly; re-plug the USB receiver might be helpful. Remove the USB receiver from the battery compartment and connect it to the computer’s USB port; the pen mouse has been factory-matched with the receiver. After inserting the receiver, you may use this pen mouse right away.

DPI adjustment button

A DPI adjustment button is one of the DoCooler Pen Mouse’s notable features. It allows you to speed up or slow down the mouse pointer with a single click, ranging from 500 to 1000 DPI. This makes it appropriate for high-sensitivity jobs such as sketching, albeit it is still not as excellent as a graphics tablet. DPI is the industry standard for measuring mouse sensitivity, and it is stated as the number of DPIs (dots per linear inch) that a device can detect. You can rapidly modify pointer speed for precise operations like in-game targeting or photo editing by altering the DPI.

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Cons of The DoCooler Pen Mouse 

Lack of accuracy

Right-clicking with a pen mouse is not always as accurate or as fast as with a standard mouse and using the thumb to click on a little button on a stick will take longer than using a standard mouse. 

Uses Batteries that need to be replaced

The pen will shut off on its own. It is powered by a AAA battery, which is not supplied. There is a low voltage alert function that will notify you when your battery needs to be replaced.

Final Verdict

A pen mouse, like a standard mouse, can drag and drop and has good point and left-click precision. Accuracy, on the other hand, varies from pen mouse to pen mouse. Because of the size and position of the button, right-clicking with a pen mouse is not always as accurate or as fast as with a standard mouse. The DoCooler is not the only pen mouse on the market; in fact, there are several distinct varieties and pricing ranges. What you’ll probably like best about this one is the customizable DPI level and how snappy the buttons are. Another pen mouse I tested needed me to press down quite hard to left and right-click.

The DoCooler’s stand-up mount is also a wonderful touch. It allows you to stand your pen mouse up straight. This way, I don’t have to pick up the pen every time I set it down to type. When using a standard mouse, your wrists might ache occasionally, but this is virtually eliminated with the DoCooler pen mouse. This is since using a pen mouse requires relatively little wrist movements. In terms of ergonomics, a pen mouse has certain advantages, particularly if you suffer from wrist strain. When you want to acquire a product, such as the DoCooler Pen Mouse, you should conduct some research to determine what the benefits are for you. After a few weeks, I can certainly declare that the DoCooler Pen Mouse is one of the best pen mice available.

Finally, at less than $15, the DoCooler is less expensive than many of its competitors while offering additional functions.