DecaTxt One Handed Keyboard

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4.1/5 on 26 October 2020

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The ambitious goal of the In10Did project is to get the system integrated with other devices. The first target is the needy mobile phone market, currently stuck with sub-standard, thumb-blowing solutions for typing on the go. In this crusade for reform I wish Mr. Rasanen well, though I tend to doubt that any real-world phone maker would ever take a chance on something so radical.

The second part of the In10Did vision goes further, imagining a world where In10Did keyboards are embedded into everything: The arms of your easy chair; your video game controller; the ATM downtown – perhaps your toaster? These ideas become plausible because of the fact we discussed earlier: If you use In10Did with all of your fingers there is effectively no key layout, so typing on your video game console would be the same experience exactly as typing at your desk – or for that matter on a picnic table, through your special In10Did gloves.

In10Did is an interesting idea, and I enjoyed the opportunity to try it out. If you would like to get a prototypical In10Did keyboard, a limited number of the devices are available directly from the company through their eBay store. Keep in mind that the current model is of rough construction and really only suitable for experimenters. The next round has better buttons planned, and wireless connectivity soon after that.

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