Best Standing Desk

Ensuring that your workstation conforms to the parameters in which you work best can be a bit challenging. Even with fast computers, reliable internet connection, proper lighting, adequate ventilation, and ergonomic office furniture, do you want to sit in one place for those long hours? People doing sedentary work may not understand the negative impact […]

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Review of the Ergonomic, Split Design “Ultimate Hacking Keyboard”

A fellow ergonomic super fan recently told me that the holy grail of keyboards is a well engineered, split keyboard with mechanical keys. I completely agree. I’ve been using split keyboards for about a decade, This is the primary reason why the pain I had in my wrists were gone in a couple of weeks […]

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Five Years Using a Standing Desk – Random Thoughts and Suggestions

ikea standing desk via Mack Male on Flickr

You’ve likely seen articles on the pros and cons of using a standing desk. Some are positive like this  Wired article calling sitting the “smoking of our generation.” Others are neutral to negative like this U.S. News report that standing desks do more harm. This is not an article to convince you to stand but to […]

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Giveaway of an X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard!

xbows wrist option

We were lucky to get an early peek at the X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard and now running a giveaway to send this keyboard on to one lucky winner! Their Kickstarter campaign ended successfully so those that ordered so start getting their keyboards early 2018. But….one lucky winner will get one this year. Just use the […]

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