Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair Review – Pros, Cons & More

sihoo ergonomic office chair

It’s not enough for an office chair to be appropriate for the workplace – you also need one that puts ergonomics and comfort first. I would say this was the main inspiration behind the design of the Sihoo ergonomic office chair. But, don’t let the minimalist design and relatively low price tag trick you into […]

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Top Picks For The Best Laptop Stand For Desks (Buyer Guide)

laptop stands for desks

When you sit down and stare at a computer for hours on end, your neck, shoulder, back, and eyes will be strained – unless, of course, you use ergonomically-minded accessories such as laptop stands for desks. A high-quality laptop stand can even help prevent health issues associated with poor posture, such as spinal dysfunction, severe […]

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Ergonomic Mouse Guide: How To Choose The Best Ergonomic Mouse

Ergonomic Mouse Guide How To Choose The Best Ergonomic Mouse

We know which ergonomic mice are the best in the world. So, what’s the best ergonomic mouse? Keep reading our comprehensive ergonomic mouse guide to find out! Like our advice for the best ergonomic keyboard, you are going to need to try a few and find what works best for your work style, desk setup, […]

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Zergotech Freedom Mechanical Split Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Over the past month we have been testing a really exciting and truly innovative ergonomic keyboard, the Freedom from Zergotech which bills itself as a programmable, mechanical, split, ergonomic semi-orthogonal keyboard. Whew. That’s a lot to unpack and we’ll get to that in a bit. Unpacking and First Impressions First a disclaimer. We were lucky […]

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Das Keyboard Review

Oh, cool. That was my first thought when I unpacked my review sample Das Keyboard – and in a way, those two words sum up the best things about it. If you’re a keyboard geek, it’s hard to do better than glossy black finish, blue lights, and, best of all, mechanical keyswitches that feel just […]

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The best small speakerphone you can carry everyday

We just got a Genius portable Bluetooth speaker to review. If you are on the phone a lot, holding a phone to your ear is not the most ergonomic position. I am on the phone a ton and notice some discomfort after holding the phone for too long. While I have tried a whole bunch […]

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Varidesk Pro 60 Electric Standing Desk Setup Review and First Impressions

Thinking about getting a Varidesk Pro 60 Electric Standing Desk? We’ve got you covered with a two-part review. We’ll cover the setup and first impressions with this post, and then after we have a few months of every day use with this desk, we’ll share our final verdict. This is a Hefty Desk This is not […]

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R-Go Split Ergonomic Keyboard Review

The folks at R-Go Tools REALLY put thought into ergonomics. We reviewed one of their ergonomic mouse models a few months back. We’ve seen just about every single iteration of the ergonomic mouse there is…and then the R-Go Tools engineers show us something different. They created a mouse with Anti RSI software that helps track […]

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Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse Review

The Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse we’re looking at today is not to be confused with the Goldtouch Comfort Mouse, which I reviewed a few years ago. This new offering from Key Ovation is more nearly vertical than the old Comfort Mouse, has more buttons, and adds a removable palm rest. Let’s take a look.

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Five Free Ergonomics Apps for Android

five free android ergonomic apps

The Google Play store has a sparse collection of ergonomic apps. To be frank, none of these apps blew us away. In a nutshell most of the apps we found were ergonomic tip apps. A couple were timers and measurement calculators. Some were in foreign languages. Your mileage may vary with these apps. We don’t […]

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Contour Balance Keyboard Review

One minor drawback to my favorite pointing device, the Contour RollerMouse Red, is that it tends to limit your choice of keyboards. A Goldtouch, for example, works poorly with a RollerMouse due to its shape. So does a Microsoft Sculpt, or pretty much anything else with an integrated palm rest. Even plain old straight keyboards […]

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Gelepad, The Handiest Ergonomic Thingamabob You’ve Never Heard Of

This isn’t going to be much of a review, because the product under discussion is just too simple and neat to require much explanation. It’s called the Gelepad (say “jelly-pad”), and it’s a handily-sticky, lovably-squishy pad you can use to soften up the pressure points in your life. (And no, before you ask, it will […]

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