Ascent Accessory for Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard

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3.5/5 on 27 October 2021

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The Freestyle2 is a winner, despite the fact that many users find the main arrangement challenging or confusing at first. The learning curve is well worth the ergonomic benefits that this keyboard provides. Those who have experienced or are worried about developing an RSI should look no further. This expert pick is highly recommended for someone who uses a treadmill or stands at a desk.

Ergonomic Excellence

If you’ve seen the picture of the Kinesis Freestyle2 in our ergonomics section, you might have had some lightbulb moments. For those who haven’t seen it yet, the Freestyle2 is a masterwork in posture correction. A standard keyboard sometimes forces pronation, which corresponds to the inward twisting of the hand in this case (e.g. the right hand twisted clockwise). Ulnar flexion, in which the hand is bent horizontally outward at the elbow, is another postural issue that this keyboard corrects.

Both of these positions are popular among people who use smaller keyboards (imagine your hand in the classic computer hunch), and they’re bad because they put unnatural pressure on your wrist and forearm while constricting vital blood vessels.So, how does Kinesis do this? Since the split keyboard style allows you to hold your wrists straight when your arms are in a strong, neutral position, it reduces ulnar flexion (elbows by your sides). If this seems insignificant, it isn’t; cramped laptop keyboards can cause serious damage to your arms.

In terms of pronation, Kinesis has a few useful add-ons that we’ll go through later. The Freestyle2 could be the board for you if you suffer from severe muscle exhaustion while typing, or worse, carpal tunnel syndrome. These quick fixes are extremely effective.

Ascent Accessory for Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard

What’s this Button do?

The only gripes we’ve heard about the Freestyle2 are about the main layout: it uses the same alphanumeric board, split and with some additions. Some of these are due to the inevitable learning curve that comes with adjusting to such a novel piece of equipment, but others point to legitimate and long-standing concerns. A few people will undoubtedly fall in love with the hotkeys on the left side of the board, but the majority of users will be irritated. These keys are used to perform “mouse intensive” tasks like copying and pasting. Most of us have conditioned our fingers to press “ctrl c” and “ctrl p,” so this will take some time to get used to, but those digital-yoga stretches aren’t good for you – bottom line, use them if you can, but it will take some getting used to.

Using the Freestyle2 to enter numbers quickly becomes an exceptionally deliberate game of whack-a-mole. If you use number keys on a regular basis, please don’t.If you use number keys on a regular basis, don’t bother; instead, purchase the numeric keypad that Kinesis offers alongside the Freestyle2.

Solid Construction

Even if the ergonomic benefits of the Freestyle2 were overlooked, it would still be a great keyboard. The sensitive keys have received a lot of positive feedback from users. The vibration caused by heavy typing can trigger serious monitor jiggles (especially noticeable if you’re working on a desktop riser), but the keys on the Freestyle2 activate with a brush, which should alleviate the problem. The board they’re attached to is a slim, well-made piece of furniture that would look right at home in the most opulent of offices. They’re attached to a slim, powerfully constructed piece of furniture that could easily blend into the most opulent of offices. Although a split keyboard isn’t something you’d expect to see in an office, the traditional rectangular style isn’t as bizarre as some others on the market.

The Company

In its area, Kinesis is at the top of its game. Their goods have proven to be creative and dependable, so you know you’re getting the best. Spend some time on their website to see more innovative ergonomic items and a comprehensive list of posture issues. In the near future, we’ll be exploring some of their more exotic keyboards.


The Freestyle2’s optional accessories are highly recommended. A numerical keypad, as previously said, is an absolute necessity for those working with numbers. Although building a full-featured keyboard, the Freestyle palm supports included with the VIP3 Accessory Kit are also a good investment. We recommend that buyers think about the VIP3 Accessory Kit as well (or to buy it already installed). The V lifters allow a user to raise the inside edges of their keyboard’s two halves. Another small yet significant improvement – this one removes pronation and helps to keep the workstation injury-free.

The Ascent Accessory Kit is available for those who prefer vertical keyboards. This add-on allows you to completely tent the keyboard halves, also allowing you to stand them on end if desired. Not everybody is a fan of vertical keyboards. They do a great job of preventing pronation, but they’re not for people who have to pay attention to where they type (for obvious reasons). This is a choice that serious touch typists should consider.


  • This product is a true ergonomic powerhouse. 
  • The Freestyle2’s unique split keyboard architecture makes it a powerful tool in the battle against carpal tunnel syndrome. 
  • It has extremely sensitive, quiet keys that unlock with just a light touch, making it simple to use.


  • The odd key layout will take some getting used to
  • The of hotkeys on the left take up a lot of space  
  • Users who regularly enter numbers should be aware that the Freestyle2 does not provide a numpad, but an upgrade is available.

Final Verdict

We’ve finally found a product that works for those of us who suffer from RSI. The Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard is a powerful tool in the battle against carpal tunnel syndrome. It has extremely sensitive keys which are quiet and need only a light touch to unlock, making it effortless. 

We’d definitely recommend this product due to it’s diverse features and well-balanced structure, as well as its trusted company.