aLLreLi T9 Plus Single Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Here’s our ergonomic video review of the day. Check out “aLLreLi T9 Plus Single Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review.”

This is a very comprehensive review of a one-handed keyboard. When I first saw these one-handed keyboards, I thought this was a clever way to type with just one hand. I was wrong! This is simply one side of the keyboard that is infinitely customizable so gamers can have quick access to keys with one hand. You can’t use this keyboard as your only keyboard.

Having said that, if you are a gamer that primarily uses a laptop, this may be a perfect ergonomic option for you. With mechanical keys and an ergonomic shape, this will be way more ergonomic and comfortable than your laptop keyboard, especially given people can game for hours. This keyboard won the Red Dot Award for product design in 2016 and will be easy to carry around in your laptop bag.

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