Adjustable Height & Angle Ergonomic Under Desk Keyboard Tray

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3.3/5 on 10 November 2021

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A keyboard tray is a desk platform that you place underneath your desk to allow you to position and change your keyboard and mouse independently of your desktop. When not in use, most keyboard trays can be slipped fully under the desk. There are a number of mechanical styles, but the majority resemble the illustration.

A sit-stand keyboard tray that raises keyboards above desk-level so you can easily stand up and write, and lowers keyboards nearly 10” below desk-level for optimum screen-to-keyboard separation. The KT2 is made of steel and lightweight board, and it’s designed to last. This ergonomic keyboard tray will help you improve your typing stance.The KT2 keyboard is designed for maximum ergonomics and typing ease. It has height and tilt adjustments, swivels 360 degrees, slides in and out, and a mouse pad that can be adjusted individually. This industrial-grade keyboard tray has all of the adjustments you’d expect from an ergonomic keyboard tray, with the extra benefit of being able to lift keyboards up to 8″ off your desk. It’s ideal for typing while standing up!

It’s the ideal keyboard tray for a standing desk. KT2 improves your typing posture by the the space between your keyboard and display, which is characterized as keyboards at elbow height and displays at eye level.This under-desk keyboard tray features a wide adjustable height range that facilitates good posture by having adequate separation between keyboards and displays, as well as the unusual ability to easily lift keyboards above desk-level for standing.The typing angle on the KT2 can be adjusted to be neutral or negative. This keyboard tray slips in and out of your desk and swivels 360 degrees. 

The mouse pad can be attached to the right or left side of your computer and is customizable in both angle and distance (so your mouse is still level) (to optimize shoulder posture while typing).The KT2 ergonomic mechanical under desk keyboard tray allows you to sit or stand up straight, boost your balance, and type more easily. 


  • Affordable, under-desk keyboard tray that elevates keyboards above your desk for standing.
  • Form with a neutral or negative tilt for optimal wrist health.
  • Improved posture: keyboards are kept at elbow level thanks to the height adjustment.
  • Fast Adjustment: One lever raises, while the other tilts. It’s that simple.
  • Installing the rail to your desk is simple: slide in the arm, add the panels, and you’re ready to write.


  • The RAIL measures 19.1″ in length. Using the KT Bridge (sold separately) to lower the rail 1.75” below the desk to mount KT2 to a standing desk or a desk with an obstacle under the desktop.
  • If the product isn’t adjusted properly you might have a hard time viewing the screen properly
  • Your arms might get uncomfortable when placed in that working position for long hours

KT2 A simple, truly ergonomic keyboard tray that raises keyboards above desk level

A wide range of heights equals better posture.

With a simple lever, you can easily shift keyboards from around 10″ below to 8″ above desk height. Allows you to stand at every desk and work easily. For standing desks, a wider height range is ideal, allowing you to use keyboards at elbow height.

Wrists are happier as the typing angle can be adjusted.

Form with a neutral or negative tilt to improve wrist fitness.With a single locking lever, you can easily set your desired keyboard tray angle or alter your typing position during the day.

Simple Movement = Swivel & Slide

With one finger, quickly change the location of your keyboard. On a 19.1×5.25″ run, it slides in and out. KT2 will fit under your desk at the lowest height setting. 360-degree swivel.

Mouse Platform for Independent Adjustment

Same Height: Keeps the mouse and keyboard at the same height. Similar width specifications are accommodated by sliding left and right. Tilts independently of the keyboard tray, allowing you to level the mouse.You are ambidextrous! Connects quickly on the right and left ends.

Get up and type

Raising keyboards above desk height allows you to type more easily when seated.

Sit and Work in Convenience

The fully ergonomic under-desk keyboard tray makes machine work more comfortable for the wrists.

Ideal Standing Desk Keyboard Tray

Due to the wide height range, the Optimal Standing Desk Keyboard Tray KT2 is the ideal standing desk keyboard tray for better isolation between keyboards and monitors. By placing displays at eye level and keyboards at elbow height, you can stand with better posture.

Raise keyboards above desk height: The kt2 effortlessly swings keyboards up to 8.5″ above desk height, allowing you to instantly stand up and write. To have sufficient height, position keyboards up to 10” below your desk. Distance between keyboards and displays for the best sitting or standing position. Negative tilt: for improved wrist protection, type with a neutral or negative tilt and conveniently change the typing angle during the day.

Adjustable mouse pad tilts to keep the mouse flat at all times. To boost shoulder posture, you should change the distance between your mouse and keyboard.Commercial-grade: Designed by uncaged ergonomics for everyday use in the most demanding workplaces, the proprietary kt2 is made of steel and compact board and is constructed to last (no plastic).

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Final Verdict

This keyboard tray is designed to last. The arm swivels right and left and can be adjusted up and down. The tray even tilts, offering it a lot of versatility. There’s enough depth to add a wrist rest. We like how the mouse tray can be adjusted independently. Two levers are present: one for extension and the other for tilting. Both are designed to last and are well-made.

Sliding in and out from under the desk is a little “stiff.” It’s possible, but it’ll take some work. If you attach the front edge of the frame at the front edge of the desk, the tray can extend at least 6 inches beyond the desk, so we’d suggest putting it all together for balance before separating the frame as directed, to ensure you understand where it can line up.

We’d definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for an affordable yet quality keyboard tray.