5 Best Adjustable Chairs For Standing Desks [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

Adjustable chairs for standing desks

Let’s face it, sitting at a desk all day sometimes isn’t any fun. The experience is much worse for those who have to endure lower back pain and other sorts of discomfort, but you don’t have to suffer like that when there are plenty of adjustable chairs for standing desks.

When used properly, these chairs will not only relieve those symptoms but also improve your work performance. Imagine being able to sit, move, spin, or stretch as you wish. It gets even better than that when you have an ergonomic model.

However, not all adjustable chairs can guarantee such an experience. You have to survey the market and pick the best. It’s a tiring process, but in this article, I have done all the legwork for you!

After looking at things such as comfort, height adjustability, design, durability, and style, I narrowed the list further to these five.

Take a look!

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Product Features

(Best Overall)

  • Adjustable height, foot ring and lumbar

  • Flip-up armrests

  • Mesh back

(Best Budget)

  • Adjustable height

  • Adjustable foot ring

  • Faux leather-covered seats

  • Adjustable height (18.5 to 28 inches)

  • Rocking motion

  • Vinyl-covered foam seats

  • Adjustable seat height, lumbar and footrest

  • Ventilated back

  • Flip-up armrests

  • Improves Core Strength

  • Promote Healthy Posture

  • 360 degree swivel base

Best Adjustable Chairs For Standing Desks – Reviews

1. High-Back Mesh Ergonomic Drafting Chair

High-Back Mesh Ergonomic Drafting Chair


While the goal is to find an ideal chair for your standing desk, this Hylone model exceeds expectations. It could still act as your normal office chair. For many, the nicest thing about this chair is the adjustability of its features. You can customize its functions to fit your needs, saving you from the pain and discomfort of sitting in just one position.

Key Features

  • Adjustable seat height (21.4 “ – 29.1”)
  • Adjustable foot ring
  • Adjustable lumbar
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Mesh back
  • Swivel & tilt functions
  • Weight: 285lbs.

No matter the height of your desk, the seat on this chair can be adjusted to achieve the correct posture, with the range set between 21.4” and 29.1”. You may notice the seat cushion sink a little bit when you sit, but don’t panic. The curvature encourages proper sitting posture.

Your legs and feet will obviously need support as you switch between different heights. With an adjustable footrest shaped like a ring, this chair caters to that in the most efficient way.

Even the lumbar is adjustable! You can tailor it to the natural curvature of your spine, thus achieving a posture that allows you to be more productive.


  • Ergonomically designed to offer support and comfort to your body
  • A waterfall edge seat further supports the back and relieves pressure on your thighs
  • Breathable mesh back keeps you cool and comfortable while you work
  • Armrests are padded and contoured to support your arms and relieve pressure on your shoulders and neck
  • A knob for easy adjustment of the tilt tension
  • Flip-up arms enable you to be as close to the desk as possible
  • Variety of colors (4) available to suit your taste


  • It takes a bit of time to assemble, but it’s an easy process and doable with only one person

This Hylone chair may not be the highest rated on the list, but it has a good balance of significant features that makes it the go-to adjustable standing desk chair for many. Given its reasonable pricing, you will be receiving the best value for your money.

2. Office Star DC Series Adjustable Drafting Chair 

Office Star DC Series Adjustable Drafting Chair 


If not for its simplicity, the thing about this drafting chair you will be attracted to most is the low price. When it comes to functionality, it doesn’t disappoint either. Even though it’s not as rich in features as the Hylone model, it’s still able to offer much-needed results.

Key Features

  • Adjustable seat height (24” – 34”)
  • Adjustable foot ring
  • Pneumatic gas lift
  • Faux leather-covered seats
  • Swivel function
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds

With a seat range of between 24” and 34”, it should be easy to pair this chair with your standing desk or any other elevated surface. A pneumatic mechanism makes the adjustment easy. One touch is enough to raise or lower it.

You can also adjust the back height if you wish to switch between different postures or find a sweet spot. Beneath the seat, you will find a footrest that circles around the spindle, allowing you to correctly position your legs and feet while you work.


  • Faux leather adds comfort and style to the seat
  • Easy access to the items on your desk due to the armless design
  • Versatile enough to be used in the office, at home, and in commercial establishments such as bars and labs
  • GREENGUARD Certification makes it an environmentally-friendly option
  • Relatively affordable
  • Small enough to fit in tight spaces


  • No support for arms and shoulders, but the armless design provides other benefits

Smaller workspaces work best with compact ergonomic chairs. This is an option you might want to consider if you operate from such spaces or need a minimalistic adjustable standing desk chair.

3. Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool

Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool


With a stool, you can perch, sit or move around while you work. It gets even better when the stool has a rocking function and adjustable height. This offering from Learniture offers all that and so much more, making it an ideal option for standing desks.

Key Features

  • Adjustable seat height (18.5” – 28”)
  • Rocking motion
  • Pneumatic gas lift
  • Vinyl-covered foam seats
  • Weight Capacity: 265 Pounds

Count on this stool to pair comfortably with your standing desk. You can raise it to stand, or lower it to match the height of a normal office desk. If you do group work often with your colleagues or friends, get several of these to make your experience much better.

Thanks to the rocking motion, you will never suffer the pain of staying in one position for a long period. An anti-slip seat helps keep you from falling as you move back and forth.


  • A backless design encourages a sitting posture that strengthens core muscles
  • The curved seat promotes proper posture while relieving pressure on your tailbone
  • Vinyl upholstery makes it stylish and comfortable
  • Portable enough to be carried around with ease
  • Variety of colors available to match your preference


  • The cushion isn’t the softest but it still does the job well

Just as the name says, this stool is best for active sitting. When you need to keep your focus at its peak, look no further than this Learniture model. It guarantees exceptional movement and flexibility as you work.

4. Flash Furniture Kelista Ergonomic Drafting Chair

Flash Furniture Kelista Ergonomic Drafting Chair


This Kelista model from Flash Furniture shares a lot of features with the Hylone model reviewed earlier, but a few things set it apart, including color choices, seat height, and price. If you find the Hylone too expensive, short in height, or unsuitable for your interior decor, this is the option you might want to look at.

Key Features

  • Adjustable seat height (23.5” – 31”)
  • Adjustable lumbar and footrest
  • Ventilated back
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Waterfall seats
  • Pneumatic gas lift
  • Swivel & tilt functions
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

Because it sits two inches higher than the Hylone model when raised, this seat will serve you well if you have a more elevated standing desk or working surface. It’s also a little cheaper and comes in over 13 colors so as to fit more interior decor setups.

Both the footrest and lumbar support are adjustable and enable it to provide sufficient support to your legs, feet, and back as you work.


  • Ergonomically designed back and seat offer support and comfort to your body
  • Ventilated backrest keeps your back fresh and comfortable
  • Padded, contoured armrests help with posture support
  • You can flip up the armrest to extend the range of motion
  • Easy-to-use knob for adjusting tilt tension
  • Waterfall seat design minimizes pressure on your thighs and legs
  • Color options available to suit your taste


  • It has a slightly lower weight capacity than most of its rivals
  • Assembling takes time but it’s an easier process that doesn’t require help

If you are looking for a comfortable drafting chair with more color options, this Kelista model from Flash Furniture fits the bill.  It’s also one of the best chairs for standing desks with longer heights.

5. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool 

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool 


Using a yoga ball as an office chair may sound very odd, but wait until you hear what this Gaiam model offers. Just to clear any doubts you may have about its functionality, this particular model is designed for use in offices. You can have it in your home workspace as well.  When you feel like your body could use a different position but you don’t want to lose focus and momentum, this may just be what you need.

Key Features

  • Inflatable height (22” – 24”)
  • Fabric cover
  • Rubber grips at the bottom
  • Carrying handle
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds

Since this ball is inflatable, all you need to do to lower or raise the height is to either reduce or increase the pressure. You can comfortably use it with adjustable desks that have a height of 29 inches or less.

One of the nicest things about it is how great it is at keeping you active. Awkward postures will see you roll forward, backward, or sideways, so you have to remain upright and maintain a proper balance. This is not only good for your back but also strengthens your core muscles.


  • Designed to encourage proper sitting posture
  • It’s easy to move around, making it a convenient option
  • Easier to clean (it’s machine washable)
  • Versatile enough to be used by pregnant women
  • Higher weight capacity than the other options on the list
  • Two different sizes available to suit your needs with regard to height


  • Takes longer to inflate if you are using the hand air pump. A bigger pump will reduce the time

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool will be a great option for your workspace if you need an alternative chair that won’t affect your work performance. It’s also stylish enough to transform your office and ergonomically designed to provide much-needed comfort as you work.

How To Find The Best Chairs For Standing Desks

None of us wants to spend money on a chair we won’t enjoy. We, therefore, took it upon ourselves to comb the market and shortlist the models worth buying.

To do that, we used the tips below. It would also be great if you equip yourself with these tips as you narrow down to an option that meets your expectations and needs.

Height Adjustability

Since you want a chair that can be raised or lowered to match the height of your standing desk, this feature becomes inevitable. The range may vary from model to model. Find one that specifically suits your desk height and fits well in your workspace.


Comfort takes many forms; however, the most common aspects you should look out for include padded seats, lumbar support, a mesh or padded back, and footrests. Each plays a special role in helping you achieve the correct sitting posture.

Design & Style

Whether you are buying a chair for work or a home office, it’s important that you find an option that blends well with your decor. A beautiful and functional interior will not only help you to focus but also inspire you to work.


You don’t want to be sitting in a chair trying to focus but being distracted by fears of falling. Find out how the chair’s stability has been enhanced. Is the base strong? Can it support your weight? Do the wheel casters provide smooth movements?


This mostly has to do with the material and frame a chair is made of. Most office chairs use leather, fabric, vinyl, and polyurethane covers for seats. The armrests, knobs, and levers are mostly made of plastic while the frame is more often metal. Check the build quality to be sure the chair won’t come apart after a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are standing desk chairs really worth it?

Both people in professions that involve standing at a desk and those who don’t have to stand at all can profit from standing desk chairs in a variety of ways.

Sitting for long hours hurts your muscles and can lead to pains in your lower back. This, in turn, lowers your productivity and affects your well-being. A standing desk chair (when paired with a standing desk) could help to relieve these symptoms by allowing you to work from a different position.

Experts suggest that you alternate between these two positions twice every hour or so, to beat inactivity and experience other benefits.

Is a drafting chair better than an ordinary office chair?

Either of these chairs could be suitable for you depending on what you do and how you’ve set up your workspace.

Drafting chairs, for example, pair well with fixed or adjustable standing desks. Despite having a higher seat height, they still provide sufficient support and comfort at the various positions you adjust them to. Architects, artists, and lab technicians are some of the professionals who use it a lot.

Normal office chairs, on the other hand, work well with regular office desks. Some have a fixed height while others are slightly adjustable. If your job doesn’t require you to stand but you still spend long hours sitting, this would be a great chair for you.

How many hours a day should you use a standing desk chair?

Although studies on how to use standing desks aren’t conclusive, health professionals generally suggest that you spend between 15 – 30 minutes standing every hour. Take a short break thereafter and then switch to a different position, say, sitting.

Standing for long periods (more than 30 minutes) can negatively affect your health. It may start with inflammation of the veins and then progress to serious complications such as varicose veins.

Chairs For A Standing Desk – A Summary

With all the information you know now, it should not be difficult to determine whether or not you need an adjustable chair. Even if your profession doesn’t need you to stand, there’s still a lot to gain from using this kind of chair. Benefits range from increased productivity and better health to a happy and motivated workforce.

It’s easier to experience all this greatness when you use the absolute best chairs for a standing desk. This high-back mesh ergonomic drafting chair leads the rest because it’s versatile and rich in ergonomic features that guarantee superior comfort and support.

The rest of these chairs won’t disappoint you either, as long as you narrow the list down to a model that suits your needs and meets your expectations. Take this chance to place your order and enjoy the benefits of an ergonomic workspace.

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